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Sunday, September 19, 2021 | 12:40:28 AM

10 Things You Must Know Before You Hire Someone to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath

How to Avoid the Nightmares While

Creating Your Dream Home

This white paper is specifically addressed to the California homeowner. Other states have different rules and regulations. This is not legal or financial advice and each individual should consult their own personal legal and financial advisors. We base this advice on our 30+ years of experience in the banking, real estate, construction and financial services industry. We welcome your comments and questions.

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The first three items are absolutely essential unless you are totally broke and have no valuable property or a job. Of course if that’s the case you’re not likely to be doing any remodeling. If you proceed with a remodel without making sure you check these 3 items you may end up broke.

1. California Contractors License:

The state of California has a very tough contractor’s licensing law. You absolutely must make sure you check to make sure you are working with a licensed contractor. It’s very easy to ask for the information you need to check this out.  Don’t just take their word for this.  Some operators will print a number on their card or claim to have a license from the city. Contact the Contractors State License Board at 1-800-321-2752 or visit the website at www.cslb.ca.gov.  You must make sure they are licensed for the work they are doing.

2. Workman’s Compensation Insurance:

Workman’s Comp Insurance will protect you in case someone working on your property is hurt. This is a big risk. You must be sure you are protected by making sure everyone is covered. Get a copy of the certificate.

3. Liability Insurance:

Liability Insurance is an absolute essential to protect you from many risks including the possibility of anyone besides the workers being hurt on your job. Ask for the name of their insurance carrier and the phone number to confirm.

4. Work Done By Trusted Employees:

This is one of the most important topics that is rarely discussed by our industry. Many large companies use subcontractors to do most of the work in your home. This allows them to do a much higher volume of business but there are three serious downsides for the client.

5. California General Contractor’s License:

It’s important that the company you hire can handle all aspects of your kitchen or bath remodel, not just the installation of cabinets. A General Contractor can handle all aspects of your job and save you many headaches and get you a better value for your investment.

6. Design & Build Firm:

You will greatly benefit from having a firm with a strong commitment to excellence in design. Membership and participation in the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is an essential. Having a designer who works with you throughout the project is a real benefit

7. Better Business Membership & References:

Insist on BBB membership and check the firms rating. Of course you should be able to see references and visit other jobs. Many firms spend a great deal of money on TV commercials and other expensive advertising; we depend upon referrals and references as a major source of business.

8. custom made cabinets:

A custom made cabinets is a major benefit for you as it gives you the reassurance that you can find the company who’s doing your work and obviously give you a great place to see many of the materials that will be used in your remodel.

9. Educational Approach:

We believe in an educational approach to the remodeling process. We give you plenty of time to explore the options involved and will move the project at the pace you desire. We are able to give you a completion time guarantee that will assure you how long you will be without your kitchen or bath.

10. Diverse Selection of Quality Products:

Seek out a custom made cabinets with multiple actual kitchens on display so that you can examine the products before you buy.  See the differences between Framed, Inset and Euro style cabinets.


10 Things You Must Know Before You Hire Someone to Remodel Your  Kitchen or Bath

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