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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Kitchen and Bath Experts?
Kitchen and Bath Experts, Inc is a licensed remodeling company specializing in renovating residential kitchens and bathrooms since 2005. Kitchen and Bath Experts is a licensed Contractor by California State License Board (CSLB).

What can your remodeling company do for me?
Our team is available to help transform your ideas into an ideal kitchen or bathroom for you to enjoy. Our custom made cabinets serves as a one-stop shop where you can design your kitchen and bathroom with the assistance of our in house designers and general contractor. When you sign up with Kitchen and Bath Experts and Pedini San Diego, you will have the opportunity to check sample doors, out of the design center.

Can you help me design my kitchen or bathroom?
Yes, our designer can help you design your space after you have signed the Retainer Agreement and we collected a payment.

Do you offer a free estimate of my remodeling project?
Yes, after you have selected your cabinetry and door style at our custom made cabinets, we make an appointment to visit your home to measure. It takes a few days for us to come up with an estimate proposal.

I cannot make it to your custom made cabinets for the initial design consultation; can your designer just meet me at my property?
Our first meeting with clients is always scheduled at the design center where you can see our product line, you can view our work and meet our staff.

Can I have a copy of my kitchen design?
Yes with a signed Design Agreement and payment, we will release our drawings to you.
Our intellectual property comes with a price. J

Why is your custom made cabinets unique in San Diego?
We have a full range of the best cabinetry under one roof. We invite you to Google the brands Pedini, and Columbia Cabinets. All the cabinets that we represent come with a a warranty to ensure your investment is protected. 

What is the average cost of a kitchen and bathroom remodel project?
The average cost of a mid-sized kitchen remodel project is in the $55,000 to $75,000 dollar range.  It depends on several factors: cabinet choice, appliances, countertops and installation.
We recommend visiting to read about the average cost for remodeling a kitchen for San Diego County.

Can I purchase only tile, countertop, faucets, knobs, lighting or a bathtub your company?
We do not retail the above listed items separately to the public.  We do provide these items to our clients who hire us to remodel their kitchen or bathroom as part of the package.

Do you stock vanities in your custom made cabinets?
We do not stock vanities.

I interested in purchasing only cabinets from you.  Is my own architect, designer and general contractor welcome to work with your team?
We are thrilled to work with your architect, interior designer and general contractor to select the perfect cabinets for your project.

What is the timing of a home improvement project?
The delivery of cabinets from Columbia Cabinets takes up to 8 weeks receive; Pedini Cucine is made in Italy and takes up to 16 weeks to deliver to your home. If you are just remodeling a kitchen and bathroom without moving walls, the average installation time is 5 to 6 weeks. Projects involving construction will take longer.

Before I hire your remodeling company to remodel my kitchen and bathroom, do your provide testimonials?
You are encouraged to visit Houzz and Customer Lobby to read personal testimonials from past clients.  We provide other referrals upon request.

Can I request an in-home visit to the home of a past client to view their renovated kitchen and bathroom?
To ensure privacy of our clients, we are not able to accommodate that request. Our clients’ privacy is our number one priority.

     Please RESEARCH the company you hire for your home improvement project.