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Saturday, September 18, 2021 | 11:56:47 PM

Safe Walk In Tubs

What is the Problem

  • 80% of people in Nursing Homes are there because of a fall
  • 70% of them fell in their bathroom
  • Average stay in a Nursing Home is 3 1/2 years

Safe Walk in Tub Solution

  • Lowest Step only 2 ½” or less vs. 6-7″ for ease of entry and exit.
  • Tub is Made in the USA, of superior quality materials
  • Large door for easy entry – 17 ½” wide at the top, 12” wide at the bottom so you can walk in, sit down, and close the door around your knees
  • 17″ High  24″ wide seat
  • Drains in 2 to 3 minutes
  • 28 Jets (18 hydro air and 10 water jets)
  • Heater which maintains water temperature
  • Superior quality chrome faucets and shower head
  • Door handle is easy to open and close
  • Grab bar included placed to meet your specific needs
  • Custom pillows for headrest and seat to ensure comfort
  • Weight capacity two times that of other tubs.
  • Dimensions: 51“L x 30“W x 36.5“H
  • Replaces and perfectly fits into space of an existing tub
  • Lifetime Warranty on Entire Walk in Tub Materials and Labor

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