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Sunday, September 19, 2021 | 12:20:39 AM

San Diego Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for that Italian look to replace your old kitchen? We can help!  Kitchen and Bath Experts offers

Italian Kitchen Cabinets from Pedini, with a variety of components, accessories and best of all “colour”, yes “colour” in glass fronts, laminates, and lacquer finishes. With our San Diego Italian Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen and Bath Experts is able to bring the modern beauty and elegance of Italy into your home.

Not only do we carry the Pedini brand, which are the premier Italian Kitchen Cabinets, but we carry several other lines of cabinetry which can be designed to get the look and feel of our San Diego Italian Kitchen Cabinets.  These beautiful San Diego Italian Kitchen Cabinets help create organization as well as the warmth and happiness that bring a family together.

Italian Kitchen Cabinets can be designed in an ergonomic fashion to help diminish the back aches, sore knees and other issues such as having supplies placed too high to reach without some sort of stool or ladder. Working in kitchen should be efficient and a place where can create meals that are works of art that are in line with cabinetry that is also a wonderful work of art.  Kitchen and Bath Experts is proud to be the exclusive representative of Pedini Cabinets and making us the best location to view Italian Kitchen Cabinets and to create that modern kitchen that is just right for you.

We welcome you to visit our beautiful custom made cabinets, to meet our wonderfully talented designers, and to choose the San Diego Italian Kitchen Cabinets of your dreams.  Our 4,000 square foot custom made cabinets is located at 7475 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego 92103 and are open from 9:30 to 5pm six days a week. We are closed on Sundays.